Great Rates
We offer a flexible rate structure to fit almost any type business... There are essentially two ways to figure charges for an answering service. One way is to count the messages, pages & dial-outs each billing period, and use that number to calculate your bill. The other way is to keep track of operator time spent on your account and base the charges on that number. To accommodate many different types of businesses, we are the only answering service to offer BOTH! We will compare the charges to your account using both methods, then will use the method that offers you the best value. In addition to offering you the best plan, we use our exclusive "Sliding Scale," to insure you are always at the lowest applicable rate!

Multi-Site Billing: This allows you to combine offices for the purpose of billing only. Keeping office operations separate while combining the bill can reduce the overall “cost” significantly by eliminating the basic minimum for each additional account.

No Set-Up Fee: Other Answering services may charge you up to $50.00 just to set up your account! We do not.

No Service Contract: ON-CALL will never ask you to sign a service contract. A service contract isn’t the reason you will remain an ON-CALL client. You will continue to use our service only if we earn that right.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason, write "Cancel" on the bill and owe nothing!

Detailed Rate Sheet: Visit our contact page to request more rate information by e-mail, fax, phone or mail.
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