Live Operators 24/7
ON-CALL has been in continuous operation 24/7 for over 18 years with live operators standing by to take those sales orders, dispatch emergency calls and connect patients in need with their Doctors. Many businesses and professions need to have their phones answered by a live person that can actually help. That’s what ON-CALL can do for you!

Our staff of professional telephone operators has a database of information at their fingertips for every call that comes in. Utilizing our advanced “Startel” computerized call distributor system, operators can page, text message, fax, or e-mail messages with ease. Your most urgent messages will be dispatched immediately per your instructions, your non-urgent communications will be organized for review at you convenience. You’ll find, a little organization can go a long way to get more business done. More business means more profit!

If you don’t want to miss an emergency call from a valued customer or lose a sale to the competition…
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